Newborn Photography

Discovering a new love beyond any love you’ve ever experienced. Those little fingers and toes, pouty lips, tiny eyelashes and super soft skin. Finally your little one has arrived! Meeting your baby for the first time is truly special and I think it’s so important to capture those moments to look back on and remember how small they were.

As a first time mum you may be surprised at how fast they grow and change! I can’t tell you enough how important it is to have these special moments to look back on and treasure!

The best time to photograph your little one is with in the first 2 weeks of them arriving. This is the perfect time to capture those squishy and tiny features. They also tend to settle a lot better so we can get them sound asleep ready to be posed. Although I think this is the best age to capture them, there is not a cut off and I am still happy to photograph newborns up to 9 weeks old but just please be aware that I can not guarantee all the poses you see with newer babies.

Your newborn studio session can take up to 3 hours. Yes I know what you’re thinking, why does it take so long. Basically your baby is in charge and if baby needs a feed, change or a cuddle, then baby will get what they want/need. It is priority that they are happy throughout the session.

All packages require a £99 non-refundable deposit to secure your booking date and time. The remaining balance is to be paid on the day of your session. See package prices below

Sisters photo shoot

Information About Newborn Photography

As a first time mum you may be surprised at how fast they grow and change! I recommend that newborn sessions are best done at less than 2 weeks old. At this age they are still squishy and curly from being in the womb. They are easy to settle and pose at this age too as a lot of poses require your baby to be fast asleep. If you have missed the 2 week mark, I am still happy to photograph your baby but you must understand that I can not guarantee sleeping newborn poses after this time. All babies are different so some may easily pose after this time but some may not.

Before leaving home for your newborn session, you will need to give baby a feed. That way baby will be happy, relaxed and hopefully sound asleep when you arrive. We will most likely spend some time feeding and soothing baby during the session so please be prepared with extra feeds if you are bottle feeding. If you could please bring baby wearing a button baby grow with no vest so it easy to remove once you arrive and won’t disturb them too much.

Please also bring extra nappies. It is completely normal and most likely that baby will have an accident during the session. It is usually on me or on the props but honestly no need to worry at all, it’s part of the job. All props used are cleansed and cleaned after every session.

I keep the studio very warm during newborn sessions so please wear something cool or layers that are easy to remove. Babies lose their body heat a lot quicker than us so a warm studio is very important for their well being. My studio does have a balcony so if you do get too hot you can relax outside and enjoys the views.

A newborn session can take 2-4 hours. This is because we do have to spend sometime soothing and feeding your baby. Some do settle easier than others. I have been trained to recognise sleeping patterns and how to safely sooth and pose your baby. Did you know babies can smell their mums breast milk and also sense if you are anxious or unhappy. It’s important you feel relaxed during the shoot so please put your feet up, get comfy, have a cuppa and enjoy watching your little one looked after by me for a short while.

I always encourage parents to have a few shots with your new arrival. I know you probably haven’t even had time for a shower or are too tired to even think about putting make up on but I promise you will be so happy looking back at some snaps of you together. It doesn’t necessarily need to be of you giving a big cheesy grin looking into the camera. They can be very natural shots of you just looking down at baby from angels that won’t capture those bags from your sleepless nights or can even shots of your hands holding babies feet.

Other siblings are more than welcome to come along to be photographed with their new baby sister/brother. It is a very special time for them too. However, 4 hours in a small studio for a young child can be pretty boring and most likely lead to a stressed mum or dad trying to entertain them or keep them behaved which could prolong the shoot and disturb the baby. What I suggest is to bring siblings along just for their turn to be photographed with baby and parents. I suggest for one of the parents or another family member to bring them in about half way through the shoot once we have photographed baby alone or to come in for the first half and then leave with one parent.

Some parents like to incorporate sentimental items or collections into their newborn sessions. I have had parents bring their Harry Potter and Star Wars collection. I love to get creative but I do like to keep it tasteful and still must suit my style. Please ask me before bringing anything with you. Other popular items used in some shots are wedding/engagement rings, sentimental jewellery or teddy bears.

What to wear? When being photographed as a family, it really looks great if you are all slightly coordinated. Colours that look great are whites, creams, greys, navy, denim and pale/pastel colours. I would recommend to avoid large bold patterns, logos and brands.

I have a lovely collection of newborn outfits, hairbands, hats, props etc so no need to bring anything for the baby. If you do have something you want to bring please check with me as if must suit my usual style. If you have preferred colours or props you have seen in my photos then please make me aware of this before the session.

Please try and book your session in as far in advance as possible. Due to babies arrival being so unpredictable, I can only take a certain number of newborn bookings per month to ensure I have space to photograph all my bookings. It is highly likely that nearly all of my newborn bookings need to be moved. 


One hour in the studio

5 digital images

5x prints size 10×8


Full newborn session (up to 3 hours) in the studio

15 digital images

15 prints (size 10×8)

Keepsake USB & Print Box



Full newborn session (up to 3 hours) in the studio

All digital images (At least 25)

20 prints (size 10×8)

Keepsake USB & Print Box

Slideshow of all your images

£50 off wall art